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Annual Dinner 2001

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The Institute's Annual Dinner took place on Monday, 8th January and was attended by a total of 63 members and their friends. The excellent meal was followed by a musical interlude provided by Samuel Marr on the tin whistle, Thomas Muinzer on the violin and Rosemary Marr on the Irish harp who entertained us with their repertoire of traditional music. This was followed by another musical session with Thomas Wood on trombone and Victoria Wood on cornet. 

The evening was rounded off with a competition in which members were invited to put names to photographs of the Committee taken when were they were young. It was interesting to note just how much fashion has changed over the years and putting names to the pictures was not as easy as you might imagine! The competition reinforced just how intriguing photographs can be and our Webmistress arranged for some to be taken during the Dinner a selection of which is shown in the thumbnails below.

To see a bigger version of the picture just hover your mouse over the thumbnail and click. A new window will open to reveal the bigger version of the picture. When you have finished viewing bigger version simply close the new window. Some of the files are fairly large so please be patient while they download. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version in a new window.
See tip below for saving pictures

  Dinner 01

Dinner 02

Dinner 03

  Dinner 04

Dinner 05

Dinner 06

 Dinner 07 

Dinner 08

Dinner 09

  Dinner 10

Dinner 11

Dinner 12

  Dinner 13

Dinner 14

Dinner 15

  Dinner 16
If you want to save any of the larger pictures for viewing offline or printing at a later time the procedure using Microsoft Explorer is as follows:
Click on the thumbnail to open a new window with the larger version. Click on 'File' at the top left of the window and select 'Save As' and then click the left mouse button. A small window will open allowing you to select the folder you want to save the picture to. When you have selected and opened the folder in which you want to store the file click the 'Save' button.  To view the picture later simply use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder you stored the file in and then double click on the filename. 

Sorry, I don't know the detailed procedures for saving pictures in Netscape but I believe it is similar.

Should any of the links not work or if you have any other comments or suggestions please e-mail our Webmistress by clicking here.

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